An affordable Christian education in the Treasure Valley

Tuition and Fees

2024-25 Tuition & Fees

Calvary Meridian Prep Academy is dedicated to providing a high quality education at an affordable price for all families.

Grades Annual Monthly
Pre-K - 1/2 Day (Must be going into Kindergarten the following school year)$3,960$396
Kindergarten - 1/2 Day$3,960$396
Kindergarten - Full Day$4,500$450
1st - 5th Grade$4,950$495
6th - 8th Grade$5,500$550
High School$6,600$660

Admission Fees

  • Student Fees
    • Registration Fee (Re-enrollment, Technology, Curriculum) - $450
  • Family Annual Fees
    • Facility Fee - $300
  • A one-time application fee of $50 per student.

All fees are paid at the time of application/registration and are non-refundable.


Calvary Meridian Prep Academy Discounts

We work diligently to keep our costs as low as possible so more families can access a Christian education. Multiple child discounts, Pastor's Discounts, and Tuition Aid help many families provide this tremendous experience for their children or grandchildren.



  • 2nd Child 10%  Discount
  • 3rd Child 15% Discount
  • 4th+ 20% Discount



We will offer families $150 off their facility fees if they refer a friend who is accepted and fully enrolled in Calvary Meridian Prep Academy.



TechTrep and Overture Learning Tuition Fund and Details

Affording a Calvary Meridian Prep Academy Education

Calvary Meridian Prep Academy families can participate with TechTrep or Overture Learning, by utilizing our curriculum details and assignments, which can also cover some of their program requirements. In doing so, most of our families who participate can receive access to a portion of their supplemental learning fund.

While tuition cannot be used as a direct offset because our students are at home for a portion of the week, families can submit receipts for internet access, extracurriculars, and more. Families who participate will need to work directly with TechTrep or Overture Learning on those details. Please visit their websites or contact us for more information about this program.